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    It's cool, happening and necessary to Travel Light. Sustainable travel means a whole lot but where does one start? Research your destination and find out as much as possible. Not only will this enhance your experience, it will help the local communities thrive.

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  • Rising Sea Level - USA Most At Risk

    Climate change causes sea levels to rise and the 10 cities most at risk are in the United States. Miami, Florida is built right at sea level has the greatest attached cost then New York, New Orleans, Tampa and Boston in the USA then Guangzhou – China, Mumbai – India, Nagoya – Japan, Shenzen – China and Osaka - Japan.

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  • The Sustainability Strategy – What To Do and What Next?

    What are the key focal areas for sustainable tourism operations? Whether you are a small B&B or a Hotel Group, The following framework allows business to focus on short term quick wins that are inexpensive to implement and has a significant reduction on corporate carbon footprints.

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  • Rhino Story

    Extinct within the decade as 1 Rhino is poached every 18 hours. Since the start of the poaching epidemic in 2008 South Africa has lost over 1400 rhinos - a figure that, despite so much effort, increases daily.

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  • Global Water Crisis - Spotlight on India

    A severe water shortage is looming over many of India’s most productive farmlands, posing serious challenges to the country and the region's food security. Some aquifers in central India took over 10,000 years to accumulate water and having all dried up in the past 30 years, the World should be concerned.

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